About Sologic®

The Sologic® root cause analysis solution suite is built on more than 20 years of field experience with clients around the globe. We provide training, software and services to help you solve challenging, costly problems and prevent them from recurring. 

Sologic uses logical analysis to identify and correct the systemic causes of significant events. We can help you reach your business goals by improving processes; enhancing customer service and supply chains; avoiding downtime, penalties and interruptions; and promoting more cohesive teamwork. Our method is scalable and universal, so it’s appropriate for problems big and small, in every field of business.

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Measurable results and ROI

When it comes to solving problems, you can’t just reinforce existing policies and hope for the best. There’s simply too much at stake – financial losses, failure to meet customer deadlines and expectations, damages to your public reputation, and more. Using Sologic to solve problems is more than good business; it’s a sound financial investment. Based on client feedback, the average student trained by Sologic personnel will save his or her organization thousands of dollars per year per RCA. In addition, over 99% of our students say they would recommend Sologic training to a colleague. Implementing an effective RCA program, or improving your existing program, is bound to yield valuable returns.  Learn more

Logical analysis and investigations

Formerly Apollo Associated Services, LLC, the Sologic team is comprised of seasoned facilitators and investigators who will train you to analyze events and investigate serious incidents – including injuries, equipment failures, plant explosions, product quality issues and shipping delays. The Sologic method is intuitive, scalable, cost efficient and effective. We also offer a flexible combination of onsite and public training, as well as e-learning, to fit your needs.  And our Sologic Causelink® software will help you efficiently capture and report meaningful data, and build accurate cause-and-effect charts that support lasting solutions. Learn more about Causelink root cause analysis software.