RCA Benefits

Sologic® root cause analysis (RCA) applies proven logic to help you untangle and permanently resolve significant problems. Through training, software and services, we ensure you receive a strong return on your root cause analysis investment. You’ll stem the flow of unnecessary spending, protect your employees and your reputation, and strengthen your competitive position.

The Sologic RCA method can help you:

  • Eliminate challenging, costly problems as well as frequent, small problems
  • Prevent problems and incidents from recurring
  • Achieve a significant return on your investment in root cause analysis
  • Create a workplace culture of logical problem analysis, versus a subjective or biased investigation of complicated incidents
  • Save time and get back to doing what you do best

Continued savings and RCA results

Based on client savings data, if just one person from the Analyst class completes just one RCA, the savings alone pay for the entire training class twice over, creating an immediate, 100% ROI. Imagine the results when everyone applies what they learn on a regular basis. 

For over 20 years, Sologic has delivered lasting results for day-to-day problems that emerge in front-line operations, while providing senior leaders with an effective tool for making strategic improvements to organizational performance.