Your Challenges + Sologic®

Our mission is to help you solve problems more effectively and prevent them from recurring. Sologic® uses a logic-based methodology that’s scalable and universal – and it represents the most significant advances in root cause analysis training, software, e-learning and investigations seen in a generation. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped top-tier clients in every industry to understand, correct and eliminate significant challenges.

Solutions to address serious incidents

Accidents, service interruptions, supply chain and quality issues, process inefficiencies and other major events are challenging – no matter where you work, or what you produce. These complex problems also drain your organization of valuable time, money and momentum. To thrive in today’s highly competitive global marketplace, it’s imperative to reduce and eliminate significant day-to-day issues. Sologic offers flexible training, service and RCA charting software solutions to meet your business goals. 

Learn more about how Sologic’s root cause analysis (RCA) training, software and services can help you face and conquer these challenges. 

Target root causes within your control

When a significant event occurs, many organizations focus on re-training employees or reinforcing existing procedures. The message is: “be careful,” “pay more attention” or “try harder.” However, the only way to prevent problems from recurring is by identifying controllable root causes that work in tandem with on-the-job behaviors. Regardless of what challenges your organization is facing, Sologic has proven, customizable solutions that produce measurable results. We will help you to minimize downtime, accidents, customer service and quality issues, revenue loss and other tough challenges with a significant return on your investment.

Learn more about how Sologic’s root cause analysis (RCA) training, software and services directly address the challenges commonly faced within your discipline. View root cause analysis example report and chart templates here.

Learn more about RCA challenges:

Recurring Problems 
Major Incidents
Near Misses
Risk Reduction
Process Improvement
System-Wide Problems  
Interruptions and Downtime
Supply Chain Challenges
Quality Escapes
Customer Service Issues