Sologic® for Customer Service Issues

Most companies pride themselves on strong customer service. We all want to satisfy the people who buy our products or services. But the difference between acceptable and outstanding customer service often lies in how organizations respond to significant challenges. Many of our clients say that customer service issues can be surprisingly tough – representing the potential for lost revenues, strained relationships and reputations (especially in the online era), internal disagreements, reduced productivity and market share, and higher operating costs.

Systemic business challenges

We often hear that customer service issues go unnoticed until a crisis occurs. Has your organization ever:

  • Lost major contracts or service agreements?
  • Experienced negative publicity or media coverage as a result of a CS lapse?
  • Been downgraded by your supplier after a seemingly minor problem?
  • Assumed complaints have been resolved – without follow-up investigations or process changes?

In a fast-paced global business environment, strong customer service is a top priority – and a very real competitive advantage. Repeat problems cannot be allowed to occur, especially with the same client. Today’s most iconic brands belong to companies that handle problems masterfully the first time. Sologic® can help you apply RCA to find, correct and prevent costly service issues. 

The case for RCA

Significant problems need formal analysis. By identifying the multiple causes of undesired events, RCA investigations reduce blame, personal bias and political agendas while creating lasting solutions that prevent problem recurrence. Teams work together to unravel complex situations and develop potential solutions. Sologic will train your employees to apply a proven, cost-effective methodology to resolve and prevent customer service issues at their source and help you raise your customer service ratings and reputation. You’ll enjoy a strong return on your investment and apply solutions that support high-level business goals.

Contact us to learn more about how Sologic root cause analysis (RCA) can help you fix and avoid customer service problems.