Sologic® for Interruptions and Downtime

Unplanned downtime can be both costly and frustrating. We’ve seen clients large and small struggle to ensure systems continually function at optimal levels – regardless of their industry or service sector. In today’s 24/7 business environment, interruptions can not only disrupt value streams, they threaten customer relationships, create shipping delays, and damage public relations.

Expensive disruptions 

Minimizing downtime is a growing challenge for global companies. Has your organization ever:

  • Lost a contract, order, or business opportunity due to a service interruption?
  • Received a customer or senior leadership “visit” because of a service interruption or shutdown?
  • Incurred penalties or fines due to late shipments, service crashes or IT breaches?
  • Struggled to understand the source of unexpected problems?

Every company desires to solve their downtime issues, but line employees normally lack the necessary resources or skills to investigate problems and determine the root causes. We’ve also heard that competing priorities, tight deadlines, lack of stakeholder agreement, and the pressure to “just get it done,” are barriers that prevent effective resolution of significant disruptions. 

Cost-effective root cause analysis

While accidents happen, most major interruptions don’t occur out of the blue. A series of underlying, systemic causes -- often insignificant in and of themselves -- align to create problems. Human behavior is only one part of the equation. The Sologic® RCA methodology help you investigate the multiple causes of challenging problems and identify realistic, cost-effective solutions. Your team will learn how to create cause-and-effect charts that visually map interruptions at their source. 

With 20-plus years of field RCA experience, we’ve seen first-hand how structured analyses generate the most effective solutions. We can train your team to identify, correct and prevent the controllable causes of downtime issues and interruptions. Our solutions deliver a proven ROI – and promote faster buy-in from stakeholders and decision makers, based on a solid business case supported by logical problem analysis. 

Contact us to learn more about how Sologic root cause analysis (RCA) can help you avoid interruptions and downtime.