Sologic® for Major Incidents

Every company aims to avoid major incidents. But, unfortunately, they do occur – and they can lead to chaos without thorough planning and preparation. Clients who have experienced major events tell us that basic procedures are simply not enough; they needed detailed crisis response protocols based on pre-assigned roles, responsibilities and timelines. Sologic’s experienced facilitators can train your team to manage and investigate significant events and prevent them from recurring.

The risks of inadequate preparation

Incident response and prevention requires thorough preparation. Does your organization have a detailed plan to:

  • Manage immediate issues – i.e. securing the scene, minimizing safety threats, and communicating with multiple audiences?
  • Involve necessary legal counsel?
  • Accurately gather evidence?
  • Debrief appropriate parties – without blame or emotional involvement?
  • Perform investigations that reduce risk, versus basic process compliance?
  • Identify and correct the controllable causes of a major incident?

Many of our clients say that their post-event RCA activities provided incident management, rather than problem management. Clearly, everyone wants to get back up and running (and back to normal) as soon as possible. Investigations that focus on ensuring “business-as-usual,” however, miss the systemic risk factors that could leave an organization vulnerable to recurrence. 

Minimize consequences with causal analysis

Understandably, some decision-makers feel that their company’s incident risk is too low to require anything beyond basic event protocol. By planning ahead to secure the site, manage the response, communicate information appropriately, and complete a thorough RCA investigation, organizations can minimize the consequences of unexpected events. They also can enhance processes to prevent future problems, demonstrate a commitment to customers and neighbors, and exhibit thorough and sincere efforts to improve performance.

Sologic® works with our clients to designate, train and prepare employees for major incidents. We also ensure that students are ready to investigate the multiple, systemic causes of events after they occur – and implement solutions that prevent the problem from happening again. Our methodology is based on 20-plus years of field experience and includes our user-friendly Causelink software. We can also work with your team to perform impartial, third-party investigations

View root cause analysis example report and chart templates related to major incidents.

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