Sologic® for Quality Escapes

The most successful organizations have a strong problem-solving culture. They consistently overcome challenge to create top-quality products and services. We’ve worked with many of our clients to create an atmosphere that supports and encourages logical analysis. As you’ve likely experienced, however, it’s not always easy to put problem solving into action. Budget constraints, competing priorities, geographic diversity, cross-cultural communication, and resistance to change can all stifle forward momentum.

The challenge of continuous improvement

When quality issues occur, does your organization:

  • Regroup and remind staff to be more vigilant?
  • Point fingers at other departments, suppliers or partners?


  • Effectively communicate procedural changes?
  • Perform follow-up investigations to find system problems?

After 20-plus years of helping clients achieve their business goals, we understand that the best proactive offense against quality escapes is a standardized problem-solving methodology. Sologic® offers a full solution suite to help your company identify, correct and prevent challenging quality issues and incidents.

RCA training and strategy

Over 99 percent of students trained by Sologic instructors say they would recommend our RCA classes to a colleague. By training your staff to perform and participate in root cause analysis programs, you’ll ensure teams speak the same language, approach problems from a common paradigm, solve issues more effectively, and include new members without interruption. The entire team can focus on solving the problem at hand, rather than deciphering group thought processes or building systems. 

We’ve worked with global clients in every field of business to eliminate complex quality assurance problems and prevent them from recurring. The Sologic methodology focuses on logic-based cause and effect analysis. It goes beyond human behavior to find hidden patterns and develop realistic, cost-effective solutions. We understand that time and budgets are tight, so our software and services always deliver a strong return on your RCA investment.

Contact us to learn more about how Sologic root cause analysis (RCA) can help you solve and prevent quality escapes.