Sologic® for Recurring Problems

Recurring problems often go undetected until they create significant losses or service interruptions. Many of our clients find that once the problem has surfaced, people (often unintentionally) point fingers, operate based on opinion or internal politics, blame “the design,” or implement corrective actions that don’t address true root causes. We help them implement logic-based RCA investigations that target the heart of the issue to contain, correct and prevent major events from recurring.

Hidden costs of persistent problems

Recurring problems exist in a wide variety of forms. Has your organization ever:

  • Shipped the wrong product or part to a customer?
  • Had unexpected system shutdowns, downtime, or malfunctions?
  • Faced ongoing IT disruptions?
  • Received costly penalties, fines, or fees?
  • Worked to repair strained supplier or customer relationships?

As you have likely experienced, ongoing problems can have serious ramifications beyond the original issue. An incorrect product shipment, for example, is immediately fixed by quickly sending the correct item. But, were relationships damaged in the process? How much time and money was spent on quick-fix solutions? Have leaders lost confidence in their teams? Are people assigning blame to other individuals or divisions when the core system or process is ultimately flawed and remains unchanged?

Mitigate risk to prevent recurrence

A thorough root cause analysis will help reveal the underlying issues that created the problem – and help you develop solutions that prevent it from recurring. Our clients gather teams that identify the causal relationships -- including human actions, along with many other causes that tend to be ignored -- leading to unwanted events. You’ll learn how to implement both corrective and preventive actions that deliver significant cost savings with enhanced peace of mind.

A strategic RCA program prioritizes persistent issues that most deeply affect your organization. Our clients have enjoyed measurable success by solving problems that minimize downtime, eliminate major repair costs, recapture lost revenue, and avoid penalties, injuries and fines. Sologic® applies cause and effect logic to help you identify the controllable causes of recurring problems – and apply effective solutions. Through training, services and software, we’ll help you implement a threshold-based RCA program that delivers a strong return on your investment.

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