Sologic® for Supply Chain Challenges

Cost-cutting, global sourcing, economic shifts and rapid-fire sales cycles can all contribute to supply chain issues. Our experience is that when purchasing departments aim to do more with less, or integrate new overseas suppliers, the ripple effects are felt throughout the vertical supply chain. Producing exceptional products and services with narrow timelines and tight budgets can mean many sleepless nights.

Incomplete problem resolution

When a problem emerges in the supply chain, does your organization:

  • Immediately try to identify the supplier at fault?
  • Threaten or discipline the supplier?
  • Treat the issue as a one-time deficiency, error or anomaly?
  • Communicate to the customer that the problem was “operator error” and the solution was “termination of employee”?
  • ”Check the box” on the incident form that is sent to the customer, but fail to ensure real solutions are in place?


  • Communicate openly with customers about what happened – and how the problem will be resolved?
  • Implement truly effective corrective actions?

As you’ve likely experienced, it’s easy to see supply chain issues as one-time errors. When a defective product or service is traced back to a supplier flaw, many companies will demand a quick resolution from the source, and then work with their customer service team to smooth ruffled feathers. The incident ends when the client or customer is assured “the problem won’t come back again.” But has the problem really been solved? Does the supplier know how to prevent recurrence? Have source changes been implemented? Does the customer trust that the issue has been solved? Have relationships been repaired or trust permanently restored?

Target the heart of the problem

Companies that learn to identify and prevent the risks in a global supply chain have a significant competitive advantage. Instead of simply re-training or reinforcing existing procedures, an adaptable root cause analysis program will provide a solid foundation for success. With RCA, stakeholders in the supply chain can work together to identify problems and develop effective solutions – without finger pointing, agendas or personal bias. Involving suppliers and customers in the RCA process will reap major rewards.

Sologic® offers training, services and Causelink® software to help you uncover the systemic causes of supply chain defects. Our cause-and-effect charts visually depict the chain of causes, providing insights into root causes that go beyond the obvious human behavior. The Sologic method is universal, scalable and applicable to any field of business. Our clients have used logical RCA to eliminate recurring problems, bring corrective action systems under control, improve relationships with suppliers, and enhance profitability.  

Contact us to learn more about how Sologic root cause analysis (RCA) can help you find the source of supply chain problems and identify effective solutions.