Sologic® for System-Wide Problems

Significant problems often look like one-time anomalies until someone takes a step back to view the situation across multiple departments, divisions or sites. It’s not easy to connect the dots that reveal a widespread problem. In the meantime, companies lose vast amounts of profit through downtime, ruined products, strained relationships, and ineffective quick fixes.

The need for a broad perspective

Identifying system-wide problems can be challenging. Does your organization:

  • Experience the same equipment, IT or technical failures across multiple sites?
  • Assume single-site changes have solved a problem?
  • Lack a “lessons learned” system that shares site successes and/or failures?
  • Fail to document one-time breakdowns, service issues or errors?

It’s natural to address problems as “one-off” situations. Many of our clients say they’ve falsely predicted low risk rates due to these perceived “one-off” incidents, or simply applied quick fixes to correct problems that are seemingly “isolated” incidents. But will the issue emerge again at another site or with a different product? Are there hidden patterns in the data? Is anyone taking a system-wide view of processes and key procedures? Frequently, the answer is no.

Clear understanding through RCA

Problems are rarely random – and the Sologic® methodology teaches teams how to unravel complex issues to find controllable root causes. These are the underlying causes that can wreak havoc across entire companies and operations. Fortunately, system-wide problems can be discovered and permanently eliminated more easily than traditionally thought.

Sologic offers services and solutions to help your team perform systemic cause investigations. You’ll generate substantial savings, prevent product waste, reduce downtime and service interruptions, and gain a clearer understanding of how processes, people and materials can better work together to achieve business goals. Cause and effect analysis also minimizes blame by ensuring various stakeholders unite to focus on developing strategic, cost-effective solutions that do not exclusively target “human error.”  Rather, they discover the non-transitory causes that set employees up to fail, while enabling deployment of solutions that eliminate these causes entirely.  When this is accomplished, the actions of people become irrelevant -- the path to failure is blocked, thus ensuring the person is not “set up to fail.”

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