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Sologic® equips global companies to solve and prevent complex problems. Our logic-based services, training and software pinpoint the multiple causes of significant events, and enable organizations to develop lasting, cost-effective solutions.

For more information about RCA, read our RCA fact sheet.

Sologic provides training, software and services to help global organizations solve challenging problems and prevent them from recurring. The Sologic method uses logical analysis to identify and correct the systemic causes of significant events. Clients in every field of business have worked with the Sologic team to investigate and prevent accidents, fatalities, plant explosions, system crashes, supply chain issues, customer service problems, and more. Sologic Causelink® software helps users build cause-and-effect charts that visually depict the multiple causes behind major events, and manage and report data.   

Sologic RCA enables companies to improve:

  • processes
  • quality and mission assurance
  • information technology
  • reliability
  • safety and health
  • efficiency

Organizations use Sologic RCA to achieve business goals and measurable results that promote stronger performance in today’s global market, including:

  • return on investment
  • time savings
  • reduction and elimination of problem recurrence
  • fewer regulatory issues
  • reputation management
  • engaged and united workforce
  • ability to facilitate necessary culture changes
  • organizational learning


Sologic’s seasoned consultants, trainers and investigators have education and/or career experience in the disciplines and industries they serve. Many have additional background and credentials in engineering, manufacturing, finance and other technical fields. They have often walked in their clients’ shoes – and share their combined expertise to better serve all Sologic clients. 


Formerly Apollo Associated Services, LLC, the Sologic team has more than 20 years of experience in leading and developing innovative root cause analysis training, mentoring, software and investigation solutions. 

Services include:

  • Live, instructor-led training courses tailored to people with various roles and responsibilities – from participants to facilitators to managers.
  • Courses offered privately on site, or in public locations worldwide. Courses are also available in a variety of languages.
  • Online eRCA (e-learning) courses that enable students to learn Sologic RCA concepts when and where it’s most convenient, and augment with instructor mentoring.
  • Sologic Causelink software – available as both a standalone and enterprise solution. Causelink equips users to create and share visual cause-and-effect charts and data. This user-friendly software supports root cause analysis tracking, collaboration, reporting, and documentation for due diligence.
  • Strategic RCA program development, implementation and improvement consulting.
  • Incident investigations (provided by Sologic affiliate Artemis Investigations).
  • Third-party facilitation and dispute resolution regarding issues related to root cause analysis.
  • Process hazards analysis.


Sologic RCA can be applied to organizations of any size or industry. We have extensive experience working with industry leaders in:

  • Aerospace and aviation
  • Chemicals, gasses and refining
  • Power generation and distribution, alternative energy
  • Medical devices and healthcare
  • Technology
  • Professional services, including finance and insurance
  • Manufacturing and construction
  • Mining and resource exploration

Many professionals and departments will benefit from Sologic RCA, including:

  • IT
  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Operations-logistics
  • Legal

Sologic integrates seamlessly with other programs and existing best practices, including ISO, LEAN, Six Sigma, ITIL and others. 




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Brian Hughes, vice president


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