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Past Root Cause Analysis Newsletters:

September 2016 - RCA Example: Patient Re-admitted, Incident Timeline Beta Feedback, Solutions for Bridge Collapse, Public Class Schedule, and Free Webinar Schedule

August 2016 - RCA Example: Google Cloud ‐ Negative Customer Impacts, Incident Timeline Beta Sign Up, Root Cause ROI Blog post, Public Class Schedule, and Free Webinar Schedule

July 2016 - RCA Example: Impact of Opiod Addiction, new RCA Search feature, Focus Groups for timeline and lessons learned, Public Class Schedule, and Free Webinar Schedule

May 2016 - RCA Example: Flint Water Crisis, Causelink 3.0 Software Release (including mobile phone support), Case Study: LafargeHolcim finds system causes with Causelink Enterprise software, Public Class Schedule, and Free Webinar Schedule

March 2016 - RCA Example: Mass Fish Die-Off, Blog RCA Programs A How-To Guide, RCA Software Updates, Reliable Plant Conference, Public Class Schedule, and Free Webinar Schedule

February 2016 - RCA Example: Near Miss Risk of Explosion, Blog: RCA Program Best Practices, RCA Software Updates, Public Class Schedule, Webinar Schedule

January 2016 - RCA Example: Quality Escape with Hubble Space Telescope, RCA Software Updates, Blog: Faster Chart Building, Tips, Classes, Webinar Schedule

October 2015 - RCA Example: Dale Earnhardt Sr Fatal Crash, Causelink Enterprise Updates, Blog: What Is Cognitive Computing and How Can It Improve RCA?, Tips, Classes, Webinar Schedule

July 2015 - RCA Example: Metal Pulled Into MRI Magnet, Causelink Enterprise v2.4 announcement, Blog: What Investigations Should We Lead?, Tips, Classes, Webinar Schedule

June 2015 - RCA Example: Line Down - Vacuum Pump Issue, Causelink Enterprise Updates, Blog: Beware the Invisible Man!, Tips, Classes, Webinar Schedule 

May 2015 - Causelink/IBM Watson - Focus Groups, Example RCA: NCAA Tournament - RCA on Duke Victory, Causelink Enterprise 2.0 Trial, Blog: Implementing Your Solutions, RCA Class Schedule, Webinar Schedule 

December 2014 - Causelink Enterprise v2.0 Release, Example RCA - Ebola Crisis, website updates, new RCA training service, public seminar schedule, webinar schedule 

July 2014 - Example RCA problem, software and website updates, new RCA training service, public seminar schedule, webinar schedule