Root Cause Analysis Facts

Sologic® Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a method of event-based problem solving.  It can be used on any problem where people interact with their physical surroundings or systems, but is most often applied to events that have undesirable outcomes.  The goal of conducting a root cause analysis is to identify reactive solutions that prevent problem recurrence, and uncover proactive solutions that preempt future problems.

The Sologic method is used by professionals, crafts people, managers, and workers of all kinds in a wide variety of industries and disciplines.


Whether a company faces a problem, needs to improve, or is striving to achieve a goal, Sologic RCA is a proven, powerful tool.  Sologic RCA enables companies to pinpoint the most thorough and effective improvements in processes, quality assurance, mission assurance, reliability, safety and health, efficiency and IT.


The Sologic RCA method teaches people that problems are nothing more (or less) than systems of cause and effect relationships.  The Sologic problem-solving methodology helps people define their problems — along with the inter-relationship of the causes -- so that effective solutions can be easily found.  Successful problem solvers address the causes of problems rather than the effects, then identify solutions that control one or more of the causes.

The Sologic RCA method is based on the world’s most proven and effective best practices, combined with the team’s years of experience working closely with clients.  It also integrates with and supports other popular programs such as LEAN, Six Sigma, ISO and ITIL. 


Companies that utilize Sologic RCA point to significant measurable results that help today’s organizations reach their business goals, succeed in a global market, and improve workers’ lives.  These include tangible metrics like return on investment, time savings, and fewer regulatory issues.  It’s not uncommon for companies to report a return on investment worth 10 times the cost of the event being investigated. 

Benefits also include more subjective outcomes like a more satisfying and safe work environment, reputation management, and a workforce that is more engaged, united and able to facilitate the needed culture change. 

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