Tactical Root Cause Analysis Course

Brian Hughes, Senior Vice President

February 14, 2017

Our traditional class model has been centered around two days of training.  Over the course of these two days, we provide a huge dose of knowledge along with skill-building exercises.  We delve into the underlying philosophy of cause and effect.  And we look into the future, offering our thoughts as to where we will be as technology advances.  We teach cause and effect from a generic standpoint.  This process likely mirrors anything else you learned during school – addition/subtraction progresses to multiplication/division progresses to simple algebra, and so on.  We walk first, and then pick up the pace.

This is a great model, and we aren’t changing it anytime soon.  However, we’ve often been asked if we can compress the 2-day commitment to something shorter.  And we’ve also been asked to create discipline-specific courses, such as “Root Cause Analysis for Safety Professionals” and “Root Cause Analysis for Quality Professionals.”  But, not wanting to mess up what has been a proven formula, we’ve held off on these sorts of changes...until now, that is.

This Spring we are adding a new approach.  We are now offering a condensed class, stripped of all but the most essential topics, while preserving the most important deliverable:  Assembling a high-quality root cause analysis.  

Here are the details for the new “Tactical Root Cause Analysis.” Course:

  • 3.5 hours per class
  • $150/attendee tuition
  • $19.95/month Causelink Individual subscription (normally $38/month)
  • Targeted to specific areas of study (Safety, Quality, IT, General)
  • Digital Manual
  • Full tuition credit if you decide to attend any future 2-Day Analyst Level 1 course

Our goal is for attendees to leave feeling confident that they can produce a quality root cause analysis.  Period.  We often find that participants in investigations we lead pick up the method just by participating.  So this course will be very “do-centered” with lots of hands-on exercises.  And hey, if you like it and want more, there’s always the traditional 2-day course.

Will it work?  We love what we’ve put together.  But there’s only one way to find out.  So we’re committing a series of four classes to our schedule.  The classes will take place in morning and afternoon sessions April 4 – 5, 2017.  We’re holding them in Seattle at the Museum of History and Industry in the South Lake Union neighborhood – a terrific and historic venue on the lake shore.  Attendees receive admission to the museum as well.

These courses will be limited to the Seattle market for now.  But if we find there to be demand in other areas, we will be happy to scale it up and out. See our updated Public Classes page to sign-up or Contact us to schedule a course in your area.

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