Root Cause Analysis Case Studies

Sologic®’s methodology, services and software are built on more than 20 years of experience working with clients worldwide in every field of business.

Through these root cause analysis examples and case studies, learn how Sologic team members have helped leading organizations solve problems, boost efficiency and gain a competitive market advantage. For more information, or to speak with a Sologic client working in your industry or professional discipline, please contact us.

Quanta RCA Case StudyWith offices across North America and abroad, Quanta employs nearly 30,000 people with revenues exceeding $7.5 billion.  In 2015 Quanta chose Sologic to help improve their Root Cause Analysis program. Their goals were to understand related and common causes and share lessons learned consistently across the organization. Read how this electric power, oil, and natural gas infrastructure company reached their goals by deploying Sologic training and Causelink Enterprise software.  Read the case study.


Airplane Maintenance Incident Management

Two years ago CSE Citation Centre implemented a Safety Management System and has been using industry standard Maintenance Error Decisions Aid (MEDA) to carry out event investigations.  CSE took Sologic’s two-day Root Cause Analysis Training (RCA) course to enhance their error prevention and solution strategies. Since then, they have noticed significant changes across the organization.  Read the case study.


LafargeHolcim Logo RCA Case Study

After training over 150 employees, LafargeHolcim needed more visibility to their ongoing investigations. Management also wanted to run reports across all records and have a structured way to learn from past incidents.  In 2015 they installed Causelink Enterprise RCA software, which addressed these needs and resulted in some interesting systemic findings.  Read the case study.

Pipeline - RCA Case Study

After over three miles of pipeline was installed, testing revealed most couplings were leaking. Using the Sologic root cause analysis process and Causelink software, the RCA team identified solutions that resulted in a leak rate of less than two percent.  Read the case study.



Web Aruba - RCA Case Study

When customers were not able to pay their bills due to a CIS outage, customers complained and WEB Aruba's management was understandably concerned.  WEB Aruba called in a Sologic investigator to help facilitate a root cause analysis team, including members of the IT department and an ERP representative.  The investigation identified previously unknown technology and cultural issues, along with solutions designed not only to prevent the same problem from recurring, but to have a broader positive impact on the business.


Southern California Edison - RCA Case Study

Southern California Edison Operations Support Organizational Unit recognized an opportunity to reduce OSHA recordable injuries and risk by solving and preventing recurrence of injuries, and improving the safety culture. SCE called in the Sologic team (formerly Apollo Associated Services) to provide counsel on building the root cause analysis (RCA) program, to begin conducting RCAs as the department was being staffed, and to provide RCA training to new team members.

One of the world's largest beverage producers thought it had one small problem at one plant with one conveyor belt, but when the problem started popping up at other sites, the company realized the problem was more widespread.  With the help of the Sologic team and Chemir Analytical Services, the company found the source of the systemic problem, and saved millions of dollars in down time and lost product.

Holcim partnered with the Sologic team to design and utilize a “blended” training solution that combined e-learning with virtual meetings and mentoring to achieve its training goals.

Helena Industries chose to kick off implementation of its root cause analysis program by laying a solid foundation, which helps the organization focus on practical application of total program development, change management and organizational development.

This telecommunications company used RCA to maintain and increase internal confidence in the way IT Business Analysts solve complex organizational problems, and improve confidence in IT systems and decision-making.

Learn how this company, a trailblazer in applying RCA to IT, consistently improved IT service management -- as well as manufacturing capability, reliability and quality -- among its world-wide business units, suppliers and customers.

Learn how a leading aviation manufacturing company utilized RCA to eliminate costly quality escapes, bring their corrective action system under control, improve relationships and communication with key suppliers, and gain quick and confident approval from regulators.