Sologic® Delivers Causelink Enterprise Root Cause Analysis Software to a Liquefied Natural Gas Company and a Consumer Foods Company

News Date: 
Wed, 2013-07-24

Midland, MI, USA – This week, Sologic®, LLC delivered Causelink Enterprise root cause analysis software to a liquefied natural gas company in Africa and a consumer foods company in the US.  In addition to providing a way to perform and organize a root cause analysis, the software enables collective RCA data mining, monitoring and reporting.

Sologic’s Causelink Enterprise is the first RCA software application that provides dashboard and report views of the entire RCA body of knowledge, giving managers a big-picture understanding that informs decision-making and strengthens reporting. 

Causelink Enterprise empowers users to:

  • Spot systemic opportunities through automated ‘common cause’ detection 
  • Monitor RCA progress and Key Performance Indicators 
  • Leverage learning across the organization with dashboard reporting
  • Track solution implementation workflow and effectiveness
  • Utilize metrics to identify trends, for instance: incidents of a certain type, over a select period of time, by location. Visuals indicate level of risk and high-impact events.
  • Track analyses by user, group and location
  • Track actions related to analyses and solution implementation
  • Synchronize Causelink standalone version with the Enterprise database for streamlined storage and access
  • Manage users; assign roles and permissions
  • Manage custom location and impact profiles 

These deliveries were Version 1.2 of the Causelink Enterprise software, which included improvements to reporting, action tracking, RCA location mapping, and updates to Active Directory integration.

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About Sologic

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