Sologic Launches Causelink v2.0 RCA Software with Advancements in Charting Performance and Many New Features

News Date: 
Tue, 2013-07-16

MIDLAND, MI, USA – Sologic recently launched v2.0 of its Causelink root cause analysis software, delivering significant improvements to charting performance and adding many new features users have asked for.  

Sologic’s Causelink takes the user through a logical process – from initial data gathering through to final reports and resolution plans, helping professional incident investigators, facilitators and participants to better understand and document complex problems. 

  • "Find" text keyword on the chart and report
  • View and print cause details in the chart, including evidence, solutions, actions, and notes
  • Brainstorm causes, evidence, actions and notes
  • Display reasons for terminating pathways on the chart
  • Link to files within "Evidence" records
  • Enter URLs for "Evidence" records
  • Add evidence inline on the chart
  • Report layout improvements
  • Display icon and text for "Causes Unknown" on the chart
  • Duplicate RCA feature on home screen
  • Printing the cause type legend on the chart
  • One-click solution criteria submit/approval
  • Chart quality actions don't display for disproved causes
  • Silent install option for IT administrators

Since its launch in March of 2012, Causelink has been the only RCA software on the market that clearly displays 50-plus causes in an 8.5x11" PDF and printout.  The software is also compatible with current IT architectures.

About Sologic

Formerly Apollo Associated Services, Sologic provides root cause analysis (RCA) training, software and services to help companies achieve business goals by solving challenging problems and preventing them from recurring. With offices on five continents staffed with experienced trainers, facilitators and investigators able to deliver in multiple languages, our RCA solutions are built on over 20 years of field experience with clients worldwide – particularly to disciplines such as quality, safety, IT, reliability and maintenance, operations and logistics, environmental, and legal.  For more information, visit