Sologic™ Causelink™ Root Cause Analysis Software Now Available in Spanish, Portuguese and French

News Date: 
Tue, 2012-06-12

Midland, MI – To help its industry-leading clients worldwide to more effectively solve recurring problems and reduce risk, Sologic  (formerly Apollo Associated Services) has introduced Causelink  root cause analysis software in Spanish, Portuguese and French. This complements Sologic’s training offerings – curriculum and materials delivered by native speakers who are experienced RCA trainers, facilitators and investigators.

Causelink is the only RCA software on the market that clearly displays 50-plus causes in an A4 or 8.5x11” active workspace, printout and PDF, and that is built using a state-of-the-art technology platform compatible with current IT architectures.

Causelink helps organizations to more effectively apply the Sologic root cause analysis method to solve real-world problems by guiding users through a logical process -- from initial data gathering through to final reports and resolution plans. This prompts deeper knowledge of the cause-and-effect relationships inherent in problems and incidents, and equips employees to understand and document even the most complex problems.

More specifically, Causelink empowers users to:

  • Create cause and effect charts quickly and efficiently
  • Identify evidence-based causes and effective solutions
  • Analyze and share data
  • Report to leadership in a language and format that captures their attention and support
  • Pinpoint, understand, and solve systemic problems
  • Achieve positive, lasting results
  • Reach business goals
  • Demonstrate ROI

Watch a demo video here:

View example reports and charts here:

First introduced in December 2011, Causelink was built based on extensive client input, incorporating features clients indicated were important. In March, Sologic released version 1.1 Beta, which includes new capabilities requested by early users of v1.0.  This release of new languages is accompanied by a software update from version 1.1 Beta to the version 1.1 General Availability release. 

Acknowledging that client experiences and needs evolve, Sologic will continue to gather client feedback and prioritize improvements on an ongoing basis.  

Currently, features and benefits include:

  • Embedded Sologic root cause analysis methodology
  • Balance of structure and flexibility — for novices and experienced users alike
  • Efficient use of “white space,” enabling over 50causes to be displayed and read on one A4 or 8.5x11” sheet. 
  • Detailed problem statements to help users better understand challenges and establish an ROI for proposed solutions
  • Graphical representation of interrelated causes and causal paths
  • More efficient and effective solution generation
  • Powerful ways to view data and relationships
  • Ability to generate PDFs and print clearly in various formats and sizes, including to a plotter
  • Evidence documentation and information management
  • User-friendly interface appropriate for professional investigators, facilitators, and RCA participants

Download the Causelink v1.1 demo here:

System requirements include: 

  • Processor: Minimum Intel Pentium III 1 GHz or faster; Recommended Pentium 4, 2 GHz. 
  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows Vista SP1, Windows XP SP2 & SP3.
  • Memory: Minimum 512 MB of RAM; Recommended 1 GB of RAM.

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