Root Cause Analysis Services

Sologic® is committed to helping you eliminate challenging, costly problems and prevent them from recurring. Our problem-solving methodology and root cause analysis (RCA) software offer the perfect balance between structure and flexibility that provide a positive return on your RCA investment. 

Root Cause Analysis Services

Train your team

Equip your team with the problem-solving knowledge and skills they need to execute a successful root cause analysis. Choose from onsite or public seminars, and the right combination of classroom or online instruction. Whatever you need, our trainers all have extensive, hands-on experience in applying the Sologic method and Causelink® root cause analysis software to real client problems across a diverse range of disciplines, industries, geographies and cultures.

Learn more about how Sologic’s root cause analysis (RCA) training, e-learning, software and services can help you solve and prevent problems.

Build a strong foundation

  • How often do significant events recur in your organization? Does your RCA program and process support company goals in tangible ways?
  • Do people across your organization agree about RCA priorities?  
  • Do they support the program and speak the same language?
  • Are people clear about their RCA roles and responsibilities? Are they being effective?
  • Do you have a backlog of event investigations to complete, or solutions to implement?
  • Is your organization clear about which problems should be formally analyzed and which should not?
  • Are you eliminating systemic problems?
  • How is your organization prepared to respond when a significant incident occurs?
  • Are findings shared within and across business units so everyone can learn from them and improve?  

Realize the benefits of your RCA investment faster – and create a solid base for successful analyses and investigations with Sologic Program Development. You’ll save time and money by implementing a comprehensive change management plan tailored specifically for your organization. In two days or less, we’ll train your team, help you develop a strategic collaborative roadmap, and create custom KPIs to track your results. Give your company the advantage of a shared RCA vision and hit the ground running. 

Learn more about how Sologic’s root cause analysis (RCA) program development and change management services can make your RCA program more effective.