Causelink Enterprise RCA Features

Causelink Enterprise root cause analysis (RCA) software helps teams work together to solve tough problems and gives managers what they need to continuously improve the organization.

Features include:

  • NEW - Incident Timeline
  • Cause and Effect Charting
  • PDF Report generation
  • Track actions related to analyses and solution implementation 
  • Search RCAs by user, group location, and other criteria
  • Spot systemic opportunities through automated ‘common cause’ detection 
  • Monitor RCA progress and Key Performance Indicators 
  • Track solution implementation workflow and effectiveness 
  • Customize fields and tags to match business needs
  • Integrate with other software systems with a flexible Application Programming Interface (API)  
  • All records stored in a central database
  • Mobile phone and tablet support enables fast and easy data entry
  • Keep up to date on RCA status with automated emails
  • See all open RCAs in one map, color-coded by severity level
  • Manage users; assign roles and permissions
  • Leverage learning across the organization with flexible dashboard reporting
  • Auto-generated report numbers
  • Options for customer-hosted or Sologic-hosted
  • Options to integrate with Active Directory or ADFS for authentication


To learn more Watch the video or schedule a Causelink demonstration.