Causelink Enterprise RCA Features

Causelink Enterprise root cause analysis (RCA) software helps teams work together to solve tough problems and gives managers what they need to continuously improve the organization.

Features include:

  • Spot systemic opportunities through automated ‘common cause’ detection 
  • Monitor RCA progress and Key Performance Indicators 
  • Track solution implementation workflow and effectiveness 
  • Track actions related to analyses and solution implementation 
  • Customize fields and tags to match business needs
  • Integrate with other software systems with a flexible Application Programming Interface (API)  
  • RCAs stored in a central database

See below for a page-by-page feature list or download the Causelink Enterprise RCA features PDF.


Root Cause Analysis Dashboard

  • Displays your most recent RCAs, along with their status
  • Lists your most recent open action items
  • The Map displays open RCAs, color-coded by severity level
  • Workflow report summary
  • Common Cause report summary
  • Create RCA form (not shown)


Search RCAs

Search Root Cause Analysis Records

  • Displays the most recently changed RCA first
  • Lists RCA name, focal point, owner/facilitator, # causes, # solutions, and workflow status
  • Click the RCA name to open the RCA overview page
  • Search filters are listed on top:  keyword, group, types, severities, date range (not shown), and team members (not shown)
  • User can modify the default search filters that are displayed


RCA Overview

Root Cause Analysis Overview

  • RCA name and focal point listed at the top of the page
  • Lists the last user who edited the RCA and the edit date
  • Set severity level, group association(s), and RCA type(s).  The options available for these 3 fields are configurable by your Administrator.
  • RCA workflow allows you to track status of the investigation and communication with your team via automated emails.  Workflow steps also trigger action items until the RCA is closed.
  • List of all solutions for the RCA
  • List of all actions
  • Set view permissions for the RCA (global, by group, or by specific user)


RCA Problem Statement

Root Cause Analysis Problem Statement

  • Set RCA details such as report number, date, owner, focal point, when, where, actual impact, frequency, and potential impact.
  • Enter map location, which displays a pinpoint for the RCA on the dashboard and map pages
  • Where and impact sub-sections can be configured by your Administrator
  • Enter cost for Impact fields and compare to solution costs for ROI calculations
  • Configurable logo (set by Administrator)


RCA Report Pages 

Root Cause Analysis Report Templates

  • Report pages include Summaries, Evidence, Solutions, Notes, Actions, Chart Quality, Team, and Attachments
  • Drag and drop records to change the sequence on the page
  • Supports detail view (shown above) and list view (simple list of all records)
  • Solution records include a status, which tracks the solution through the solution workflow:  identify, select, approve, complete, and validate
  • Evidence, solution, note, and action records can be added on the report pages, chart, or from the sidebar
  • Attachments can be added by clicking the Add button or via drag and drop from your system
  • Attachments can be associated with evidence records


RCA Chart

RCA Cause and Effect Chart

  • Hover on any side of a cause box to add a new cause 
  • Drag/drop causes to form associations and define cause and effect logic
  • Icons reveal more details about each cause box
  • Add evidence, solutions, notes, or actions by editing the details of a cause box, or by dragging/dropping from the sidebar
  • Add new causes by typing into the Causes tab of the sidebar and dragging/dropping to the chart work surface.
  • Zoom in to see more detail or out for a broader perspective
  • “Connects to” feature links to causes already on the chart
  • Supports both “And” & “Or” logic
  • Colorize cause boxes manually, or your Administrator can define cause box color based upon the status of solutions associated with the cause.
  • View evidence, solution, note, or action details on a per-cause basis or for the entire chart
  • View the chart key, which displays a description of all icons
  • Highlight cause path to focus on one causal path
  • Find cause boxes via keyword
  • Supports undo, redo, and history
  • Generate a PDF of the chart and/or report


Create New RCA

Create New Root Cause Analysis Record

  • Define RCA name
  • Enter location on the RCA map.  Map location supports specific addresses and lat/long coordinates
  • Define RCA owner, facilitator, and team
  • Choose a workflow template.  Templates are defined by the Administrator
  • Set view permissions
  • All options can be modified after the RCA is created
  • RCA Team receives an email once the record is created


My Actions

My RCA-related Actions

  • One list of all actions specific to the logged in user, across all RCAs
  • Ability to filter by keyword, group, open actions, and past-due actions


Reports – Common Cause

RCA Report - Common and Systemic Causes

  • Searches through all causes in all RCAs in the system and finds common words and phrases
  • Allows managers to pinpoint systemic causes across the organization
  • Click a result to see the associated RCAs, solutions, and evidence
  • Fine-tune the report by ignoring causes that are not useful
  • Can be used in conjunction with a common nomenclature 

Reports – Actions

RCA Reports - Actions
  • Displays all actions across all users and RCAs in the system
  • Actions tracked in the system include:
    • Workflow Actions – each step in the workflow is assigned to a user with a due date
    • Solution Actions – once a solution is approved, it is tracked as an action until validated
    • Custom Actions – each RCA record allows you to manually enter actions and assign them to a user with a due date
  • Filter the list by open actions, past due actions, due date, group, keyword, or by specific users
  • Open action items are periodically emailed to each user in the system


Reports – Workflow

RCA Reports - Workflow

  • Allows managers to spot bottlenecks in their RCA program by seeing which workflow steps are taking the longest
  • Displays how long it takes to complete RCAs from start to finish
  • Displays the average, minimum, and maximum days it takes to complete each workflow step


Reports – Solutions

RCA Reports - Solutions

  • Allows managers to see all solutions that have been entered into the system
  • Filter by group, RCA type, severity, keyword, solution status (not shown), and date range (not shown)


Administration – General Settings

RCA Administration - General Settings

  • Available only to users with the Administrator and IT roles
  • Define the colors of causes based upon their associated solution status
  • Define the logo which displays on all problem statements and printed reports
  • Define the RCA currency (not shown)


Administration – RCA Data

RCA Administration - RCA Data

  • Available only to users with the Administrator and IT roles
  • Define the Where and Impact sub-sections that display on the problem statement
  • Define the RCA types (not shown)
  • Define severity levels (not shown)


Administration – Communication

RCA Administration - Communication

  • Available only to users with the Administrator and IT roles
  • Define the frequency of the following automated emails
    • Solution changes – you will be notified when a solution is added, edited, or deleted for any RCA that you are associated with
    • Open Actions – you will be notified of any open action across all RCAs in the system

Administration – Groups

RCA Administration - Groups

  • Available only to users with the Administrator and IT roles
  • Define groups for the application
  • Add user associations within each group
  • Groups can also be defined within Active Directory and synced with Causelink Enterprise if you choose to integrate with that system
  • RCAs can be kept private within individual groups

Administration – Workflow

RCA Administration - Workflow

  • Available only to users with the Administrator and IT roles
  • Add, edit, or delete workflow templates
  • System ships with 3 templates:  Standard, Modified, and Simple
  • Each template allows you to configure the label, default role, default days in the future for the next action item, and whether an email should be sent to the team upon completion