Onsite Root Cause Analysis Classes

Gather your team at the location of your choice for dynamic RCA instruction from our experienced trainers. The Sologic® method gives students a solid knowledge base and the skills they need to lead root cause analysis investigations that produce results.


e-learning or one day classroom instruction

Students gain the knowledge, tools, and confidence to contribute to successful root cause analyses and investigations. They are equipped to help solve tough and recurring problems, and help proactively replicate successes.  Learn more.

RCA Analyst Level 1 – Facilitator

2 days of classroom instruction

Our most popular class teaches the knowledge and skills you need to lead a successful root cause analysis. Each attendee also receives Sologic Causelink® software. Level 1 provides a solid, foundational knowledge of the Sologic method – and more than 99% of students say they would recommend our course to their colleagues. Learn more.

RCA Analyst Level 1 – Facilitator (Blended)

e-learning + one day classroom instruction

For students with limited time, this course covers the same foundational material as our traditional class, but requires just one day in the classroom. Students complete the eRCA: Fundamentals training prior to class and gain access to this online material for a full year. Learn more here. All attendees also receive a copy of the Sologic Causelink software.

RCA Analyst Level 2 – Master Facilitator

1 day of classroom instruction

In this class, we’ll go deeper into the Sologic method and equip you to lead more complex root cause analysis projects. Students will learn additional investigation and facilitator skills, and develop a road map for planning and supporting an effective RCA program. Learn more.

RCA Analyst Level 3 – Lead Investigator Training

1.5 days of classroom instruction

This applied learning course will prepare students to handle the complex realm of incident investigation. Students will learn how to lead an effective investigation and produce reliable, impartial results, while protecting the credibility of the investigation team, problem owner and all affected parties and individuals. This course builds upon the previous two RCA Analyst levels with even more practical tools to facilitate a wide range of investigations. Learn more.

Focused Facilitator

1 day onsite workshop

Put your new Sologic root cause analysis skills into action with a day of hands-on application. A Sologic instructor will stay onsite, or visit soon after Practitioner & Facilitator training, and work with your team to analyze actual problems from your organization. The Focused Facilitator workshop is the most valuable way to apply the Sologic method while the knowledge is still fresh, and the quickest way to realize a significant return on your training investment. By the end of the day, you’ll have a completed investigation with findings ready for implementation. Students also gain the confidence they need to lead increasingly complex root cause analysis investigations. Learn more.

RCA for Managers

4 hours of classroom instruction

This half-day class equips managers to effectively deploy and support a Sologic root cause analysis program. While most managers will not lead investigations, they are typically the problem owners and beneficiaries of a successful resolution. In this efficient class, you’ll obtain an overview of the Sologic method and learn how to define program goals, identify key players, and allocate appropriate resources for the investigation and any corrective actions. There is no prerequisite training required for managers attending this course. Learn more.

Sologic Causelink Advanced Users Course

4 hours of classroom instruction

Go deeper into the Sologic Causelink software and gain advanced technical skills. Students will receive hands-on software training to help them more effectively enter and evaluate solutions, generate action item lists, optimize chart outputs, customize features, import and export files, create PDF files, finalize incident reports, run reports across multiple charts, and more. The course will review and reinforce Sologic concepts to help you unlock the full potential of the software – and ensure an effective resolution of your most challenging problems.