Your Discipline + Sologic®

Every discipline faces unique challenges, pressures, perspectives, and on-the-job responsibilities, but everyone shares the same goal: to build a stronger, more effective organization that provides top-quality products and services.  Even in the best of organizations, problems arise, so achieving that goal requires thorough problem analysis. The Sologic® root cause analysis methodology solves complex problems and prevents them from recurring, and is scalable and universally applicable across every field of business. 

Engineers Reviewing BlueprintsWhether you work in safety, quality assurance, IT, logistics, legal, reliability or another field entirely, we have training and service solutions to help you eliminate critical problems. These are the significant issues and events that drain your organization of time, money and morale. Our logic-based method helps you understand and professionally manage the challenges brought about by human behaviors, which are often the most difficult element to address – especially for employees who are new to the workforce or organization. Human behavior operates in tandem with procedural, hardware, cultural and systemic to create the incidents or events you seek to eliminate.  

The Sologic cause-and-effect charts visually depict the multiple causes of an incident or event, which helps all parties to clearly understand what happened, while minimizing or eliminating the hard feelings that can accompany poorly-developed RCAs. The process eliminates finger pointing and promotes a more cohesive team environment – with a measurable ROI.

Learn more about how Sologic’s root cause analysis (RCA) training, software and services directly address the challenges commonly faced within your discipline.