Sologic® for Operations & Logistics

As a mediator between plants and customers, operations and logistics professionals oversee the production and transportation of critical supplies, materials, and products. We understand that time pressures are intense, but you have super-human focus and exceptional attention to detail. From manufacturing to shipping logistics, every day brings the potential for complications and delays, defects, damage and confusion. The plant needs supplies and products to reach customers in time. There’s money on the line; everything has to run smoothly.

Cost-effective root cause analysis

The Sologic® method uses proven RCA logic to solve significant problems related to delivery timing, throughput, efficiency, plant downtime, lost or damaged supplies and products, and customer service issues. We help you find real-world solutions that will prevent costly problems from recurring – and deliver a strong return on your investment of both time and money. You’ll also minimize human error and risk.

Smart training and software solutions

We know your time and budgets are tight. Sologic provides flexible training options with a mix of live classroom instruction and e-learning solutions. Our method ensures that everyone applies the same process, speaks the same language, and creates consistent reports. Sologic Causelink® software will help you build accurate cause-and-effect charts that address core issues and promote realistic, lasting solutions. Sologic will also help you meet LEAN and ISO standards, without adding frustrating procedures or red tape. 

Contact us to learn more about how you can solve and prevent operations and logistics problems with Sologic root cause analysis (RCA).