Sologic® for Quality Assurance

Our clients who work in quality assurance are driven to understand how operational intricacies can support strategic goals, boost customer satisfaction, lower overhead, and maximize results. It’s a role that increasingly demands attention to global supply chains, plus key socio-economic and cultural shifts, such as aging employee populations and budget constraints and issues related to company culture.

Logical improvements

Sologic® provides training, software and services to help you solve challenging, costly problems and prevent them from recurring. We understand your need to anticipate, prevent and eliminate significant issues that could compromise company-wide goals. Our logic-based method is built on more than 20 years of experience in every field of business around the globe. We know the pressures you face, and we use proven root cause analysis to help you unravel significant risks and QA issues, step-by-step. We will help you solve problems related to off-spec products, unhappy customers, systemic breakdowns, and excessive spending or overhead.

Collaborative solutions

Some investigations assign blame and create a more divisive working environment. The Sologic method provides a consistent, cost-effective RCA program that ensures everyone speaks the same language. It actually strengthens teams and inter-company communication. Sologic also integrates seamlessly with FMEA, Six Sigma, LEAN, Design of Experiments and any other QA processes currently entrenched in your organization. Our proven, logical method will help you to reduce risk and prevent challenging problems from recurring, while meeting critical ISO standards.

View a quality root cause analysis example report and chart template here.

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