Sologic® for Safety

Our clients know that safety is truly “job one” – and a strong competitive differentiator for the organization. Safety professionals work hard to reduce incidents and the risk of injury, minimize time-consuming inspections and investigations, and build trust with shop and plant-floor workers. At the same time, it’s critical to demonstrate solid results and obtain management buy-in.

Safety is a team effort

As a safety professional, you work with people in a wide variety of roles, including insurance, legal, senior leadership, and regulatory bodies. You understand the need to create smart, strategic processes that minimize risk. Sologic® applies root cause analysis to identify and remove the causes of serious incidents, from fatalities to near-misses. Our logical process helps unravel the sources of significant problems and prevent them from occurring – and recurring. 

A focus on solutions

Although most employees genuinely aim to avoid accidents and dangerous mistakes, they still happen. Sologic RCA investigations go beyond human error (which often results in finger pointing and incomplete learning) to find solutions that control systemic causes. These are the root causes that can be changed, modified and restructured to ensure safety breaches simply cannot occur. Our user-friendly Sologic Causelink® software will help you build cause-and-effect charts that visually illustrate the multiple causes of complex problems. We can support your efforts to promote a stronger, safer work environment that delivers tangible results across the organization. 

View a safety root cause analysis example report and chart template here.

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