Why Use Sologic RCA?

At its core, RCA is an evidence-based logical process used for identifying the causes of adverse events to understand them and prevent them from recurring. It is based on the idea that effective management requires more than addressing the symptoms of problems, but finding a way to prevent them at their source.  Sologic RCA is also employed as a powerful means of identifying best practice, driving continuous improvement and rewarding evidence-based decision making.

Solving Problems

Sologic’s RCA method has been adopted by hundreds of companies, in over 40 countries, across many  different industries. By embedding Sologic Root Cause Analysis at the heart of your organization   you are introducing a powerful, scalable, evidence-based method that will transform your approach to complex problems and decisions. And using Sologic to solve problems is more than just best practice; it’s a sound financial investment. Based on major client reports, a senior professional trained by Sologic will save their organization thousands of dollars per year per RCA.

More than Solutions

A culture of evidence-based decision making will deliver far more than bottom line business improvements. Organizations working with Sologic RCA work towards revealing systemic risks and information pinch-points while improving relationships between departments, cultivating institutional learning, and expanding corporate memory.