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April 18-19,2023
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"Integrating Human Performance into RCA"
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COVID-19 UPDATE (15-March-2022)

Sologic follows local guidance with respect to COVID-19. We are currently fully open and conducting on-site training, consulting, and investigations. Virtual training, consulting, and investigation options are available as well.

Comments, questions, or concerns?  Please call +1-989-835-3402 or email Info@sologic.com to speak with us directly.

Midland, MI, USA--- Global problem solving and investigation specialists, Sologic, have released a new option within their Causelink Root Cause Analysis (RCA) platform—Causelink Team.  Causelink Team provides smaller organizations many of the same valuable features of Causelink Enterprise but with a set number of user accounts, reports, and authentication options.

Causelink Team provides essential RCA tools and the capability to collaborate with your team. The system supports cause & effect diagrams, 5 Whys, Ishikawa/fishbone diagrams, incident timelines, corrective/preventative actions, and reports in PDF or DOCX format. The system also includes robust action tracking, ensuring that your actions get completed and prevent future problems.
Causelink Team is perfect for organizations wanting to move beyond spreadsheets and static documents but may not need the full capabilities of Causelink Enterprise.  Causelink Team is an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution that enables work to be completed on mobile devices, where data can be input via voice-to-text and cameras can push photos/videos directly to the RCA file.

Causelink Team is deployed as a named-user, SaaS solution.

Learn more about Causelink:  https://www.sologic.com/en-us/rca-software/overview
Schedule a Causelink Team demo:  https://www.sologic.com/en-us/rca-software/causelink-team/clt-demo
Free trial of Causelink Individual: https://www.sologic.com/en-us/rca-software/single-user/causelink-individual

About Sologic
The Sologic Root Cause Analysis (RCA) method is used by leading organizations around the globe. Sologic's experienced team provides training, e-learning, software and investigations to help companies solve their most challenging problems, big and small. Supporting productivity, collaboration and culture, Causelink software helps solve the toughest problems and gives leaders the power to continuously improve their organization. Sologic is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified provider whose Information Security Management System (ISMS) has received third-party accreditation from the International Standards Organization.

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