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COVID-19 UPDATE (2-August-2021)

The safety of our clients, employees, contractors, and the general public is our primary concern.  Many of our clients are considered "essential."  Therefore, we remain committed to providing prompt service and support throughout the COVID-19 crisis. 

Sologic’s main office in Midland, MI is currently open at normal capaticy.  On site training is available and will follow social distancing and COVID-19 safety precautions.  As the risk of COVID-19 is higher in some areas, we will consider the risk level in each location prior to committing to an on site engagement.  Please read our complete SOP for on site training engagements here: Sologic COVID19 Policy for Training and Travel

Comments, questions, or concerns?  Please call +1-989-835-3402 or email Info@sologic.com to speak with us directly.

Global problem solving and investigation specialists Sologic® have released Version 6 of their Causelink Root Cause Analysis (RCA) software. V6 represents a significant step forward in problem solving software, featuring an exciting new template that combines the speed and ease of the widely-used ‘5 Whys’ RCA method with the evidence-based, analytical power of the Sologic process. 

Problem Solvers know that the ‘5 Whys’ method provides a simple and fast “go-anywhere” analysis, well-suited to problems ranging from light to moderate in complexity. Using Causelink’s 5Whys+ template, organizations can quickly investigate more operational issues to a greater depth without adding more resources. The simplicity of 5Whys+ removes barriers to wider RCA implementation, such as “it takes too long”, “we’re too busy”, or "it’s too complicated”.   Analysts can investigate more events with higher quality, delivering better Management Information and Corporate Memory.  

5Whys+ delivers improved ways to communicate, assign corrective and preventative actions (CAPA), and produce detailed but compact, easy to share reports.  With these major improvements to the standard 5 Whys method, this new template provides all the detail necessary to support the needs of most RCA investigations. When problems are more complex, expand the analysis and access all the features supported in the classic Causelink RCA universe.  

The Causelink V6 upgrade also delivers other important new RCA features and improvements, including:

  • Enhanced Cause & Effect Engine - including simplified chart, configurable views, and the ability to associate and display evidence (pictures, PDFs, etc.) directly on the cause and effect chart.
  • Comprehensive Change Log - each record provides a change log where you can see who made changes and when.
  • Customizable Tags – a user-defined tag library provides a way to analyze deeper trends and patterns across records with your preferred nomenclature (Causelink Enterprise only).
  • Greater Integration – Causelink now integrates with data visualization tools, such as Tableau and Microsoft Power BI.
  • UI Improvements - easier data export, improved user management, efficient evidence storage, improved workflow, localization, collaboration, and reporting.
The new upgrade is available to Causelink Individual customers and will be deployed to Causelink Enterprise SaaS and On-Premise customers over the next several weeks.  

For a free trial visit Causelink Individual. Schedule a Causelink Enterprise demo

For more information visit www.sologic.com or call +1 989-835-3402.