Kepner-Tregoe (KT) is a proud reseller of Sologic's Causelink root cause analysis software.  Causelink supports Kepner-Tregoe’s critical thinking-based problem-solving methodology by providing an integrated tool to aid in identifying root cause. Causelink’s structured visual mapping approach helps organizations understand and document the complex interactions in many incidents. Much of the information gathered in the KT problem solving process is captured visually using the Causelink Event Mapping tool.


Causelink Software
As organizations become more complex, work across multiple geographies, and operate within aggressive time frames, finding effective solutions has become a much greater challenge. Causelink has been developed to overcome this problem. Causelink allows problem-solving professionals to investigate problems in a simple, standardized and evidence-based manner.

Causelink encourages the breaking of causal chains where effective solutions prevent repeat failures. Causelink helps teams share lessons learned, reveal vulnerabilities, and deliver systemic change. Causelink also gives the user a tool to manage the overall resolution of incidents from Initial investigation through corrective action implementation.

Causelink allows problem-solving professionals to investigate problems in an intuitive, standardized, collaborative format, enabling real-time access to status, solutions, and emerging trends.

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