Most problems happen at the lower levels of an organization and never become visible beyond the areas they immediately impact.  While these problems may be comparatively simple and low-impact on a case-by-case basis, together they combine to create a massive overall problem burden on any organization.  They impact everyone.  Therefore, anyone can help to effectively solve problems using a simple, stuctured, "tactical" problem-sovling method.

Empower RCA Teams

  • Learn investigation basics to quickly, effectively solve lower-level problems
  • Effectively manage, preserve and protect key evidence
  • Document key problem information
  • Universal, scalable, practical and intuitive for RCA novices and experts
  • Logical, complete, and accurate process
  • Removes focus from generalization, opinion, and finger-pointing
  • Shifts the focus to evidence, logic, causes, objectivity, and collaboration
  • Attain universal, valuable skills that will follow you... wherever your career leads
Class Details
  • 4 hours of classroom instruction
  • Available as a public seminar or as private, on-site training
  • Most customization requests happily accommodated
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