Train the Trainer RCA ProgramFor organizations who wish to deliver RCA training via their onsite training teams, we provide a comprehensive train-the-trainer program. The Sologic Train-The-Trainer program provides the knowledge, resources and ongoing support to ensure that an organization is benefiting from up-to-the-moment RCA know-how, courses and software.


How would my organization benefit from having an internal Sologic Instructor?

There are several benefits to having an internal Sologic Certified Instructor (CI).  A few include:
  1. Tailored Training:  The organization can better tailor their RCA training to suit their specific needs including utilizing internal example problems.  The CI will be capable of teaching 3 different levels of students: A) Participants in the RCA for Participants course, B) Practitioners Analyst Level 1 course and C) Managers in the 4 hour Managers Overview.
  2. RCA Program Leadership:  The CI can help develop and implement the RCA program.  Because the CI will possess an expert level understanding of Sologic RCA, he or she will be able to work with the site leaders to assemble the overall implementation plan as well as deliver training.  The CI will be able to explain to students how and when RCA will be applied, who are the lead individuals, reporting expectations, metrics, etc.  The end result will be a more coordinated and comprehensive program that will have a clear subject matter expert who can offer continuing mentoring and facilitator development
  3. Cost savings:  Organizations planning to host multiple classes per year can achieve substantial savings.

Who can the Certified Instructor train?

The CI is licensed to instruct any student within their company or a wholly owned subsidiary.  The CI is not authorized to instruct contract employees or employees outside of the CI’s organization without permission from Sologic LLC.

How long will it take to achieve certification?

Certification time varies with the individual.  The first step is to obtain mastery of the Sologic Method.  Once mastery with the method is attained, the individual will coached and developed to attain proficiency with instruction to the level of Sologic internal instructors.  Depending on the candidate's skill levels, it could take as little as 1-2 months depending schedule availability.  The training process is “self-paced” and allows the individual to proceed as their schedule allows. 

Become a Certified Instructor

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