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Apr 14, 2015 RCA Analyst Level 1: Facilitator  Sherwood Park - Edmonton Area, AB
Apr 16, 2015 RCA Analyst Level 2: Master Facilitator  Sherwood Park - Edmonton Area, AB
Apr 21, 2015 RCA Analyst Level 1: Facilitator  Midland, MI

Sologic Root Cause Analysis

Formerly Apollo Associated Services, Sologic provides root cause analysis (RCA) training, software, e-learning and investigations to help companies solve challenging problems and prevent them from recurring.

With offices on five continents staffed with experienced trainers, facilitators and investigators, our RCA solutions support multiple languages and are built on over 20 years of field experience – particularly to disciplines such as quality, safety, IT, reliability and maintenance, operations and logistics, and legal.  Learn how Sologic's root cause analysis products and services can help you achieve your business goals by building a strategic, scalable and cost-effective RCA program.

Example root cause analysis reports and charts

These examples, created using the Sologic® RCA method and Causelink® RCA software, are based on real client situations and available here to help you thoroughly pinpoint causes, organize them in an accurate and logical fashion, and identify and prioritize effective solutions.

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Slurry Pump Seal Leakage 
Clinical Healthcare 

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