Sologic® for Risk Reduction

We’ve all read the headlines about catastrophic events such as occupationally related fatalities, plant explosions, and food-borne illness outbreaks. Clients say these worst-case scenarios often keep them awake at night, wondering if similar events could unfold at their organizations. While most companies have risk management programs, they could be strengthened with strategic root cause analysis programs that focus on controllable causes, rather than individual actions.

Lower systematic risk levels

Companies often focus on reducing risk by aiming to control human behaviors. Does your organization:

  • Frequently address undesired events with “re-train,” “re-communicate,” “create new procedure,” or disciplinary action?
  • Remind people to “be careful,” and be more aware of the hazards of their work environment?
  • Mindlessly complete reports/and incident forms without subsequent follow-up?
  • Struggle with ongoing problems that seem to resist resolution?

While individuals do exert control over their actions, companies that lower their systemic risks will have a distinct advantage. Systemic risks are the causes that often drive behaviors. Having a large, lethal and flammable liquid storage tank located immediately next to a crowded office space represents a systemic risk, even if there is no history of leakage. Relocating the tank to a remote location, or removing the tank altogether, greatly reduces the systemic risk versus a solution such as, “be careful around the storage tank and be aware of potential leakage.”

Root cause analysis to achieve business goals

Risk management directly affects an organization’s business performance. When our clients perform an RCA, they are acknowledging that the incident is serious and cannot be allowed to occur again. Investigating a problem that has already happened is a proactive way to address the past and more effectively control the future, thus resulting in a positive step toward reducing risk.

The Sologic® RCA methodology can help your company to better understand and mitigate systemic risks. Our innovative cause-and-effect charts graphically illustrate complex problems to help teams identify root causes, agree on the most effective solutions, and create implementation plans. We have a complete solution suite to fit your needs, whether you’re a small firm or a multinational corporation. It’s universal and scalable for any field of business.

View root cause analysis example report and chart templates related to risk reduction.

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