Corrective Action Review Boards in Safety - ASSE 2011 Presentation

Presentation: Corrective Action Review Boards in Safety by Brian Hughes, Apollo VP

Venue: ASSE 2011 Safety Conference in Chicago, IL
Date/Time: June 14th, 2011 3:00-4:15pm
Session: 646
Description:  Many companies have some kind of formal incident investigation process in place.  This process usually involves training employees in the principles of incident investigation, root cause analysis and change management.  It often dovetails with existing action tracking systems.  An important part of the investigation process involves reviewing completed investigations.  Many times, the manager receives the incident report directly from the team.  But there are significant benefits to installing a Corrective Action Review Board in the reviewing process.

Information flows through a Corrective Action Review Board (CAB) in two directions:  1) From the investigation team through the board and out to the rest of the organization, and 2)  From the organization through the board to the individual investigation team.
Info from Investigation > Organization:

A CAB is generally comprised of a group of managers from different parts of the organization.  This helps ensure lessons learned from an investigation will be leveraged in the most effective possible way.  The board members are able to see where recommendations by one team can benefit other areas.  The CAB also ensures that the right stakeholders are involved and informed.  It provides the organizational leverage needed to project the returns realized in one area to other areas that could benefit from the same improvements.

Also, since the CAB reviews all significant investigations, it has visibility into common systemic causes.  These causes may not be apparent in the context of a single analysis.  However, when combined with the results of other significant investigations, the importance of these causes becomes apparent.
Info from Organization > Investigation:

The CAB is responsible for reviewing incident investigation output to ensure the investigation team delivers a high quality product.  But the CAB provides a higher value as well.  Since board members come from different parts of the organization, they possess insight into events that have occurred elsewhere across the enterprise.  These insights pass through the board and to the investigation team.  In this way, they can help the investigation team create a more complete analysis of the highest quality.  Also, since the board has visibility into other significant investigations, they can help the team achieve synergies with other improvement efforts happening concurrently.  This maximizes the impact of these improvement efforts, and helps the organization avoid duplication of effort.

Specific Learning Objectives:

    Understand how to form a Corrective Action Review Board
    Understand how information flows from the organization through the CAB to the investigation team
    Understand how information flows from the investigation to the rest of the organization
    Understand the pitfalls of CAB implementation
    Provide a list of Do's and Don'ts with respect to creating and operating a CAB

We look forward to seeing you there!!

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