Causelink™ Version 1.1 Beta Responds to Client Requests

Jon Boisoneau, Product Manager

Since our initial release of Causelink in December of 2011, we’ve had a number of end users send improvement suggestions, which we are happy to receive.  Our goal is to listen to these suggestions and incorporate them into future versions of the software.  Part of this process is to determine which of the suggestions would provide the greatest benefit.

After reviewing the suggestions, a theme began to emerge.  Users were asking for better collaboration capabilities.  Granted, there were some bugs in printing that absolutely needed to get resolved ASAP.  However, users wanted more than that.  They wanted to more easily share their RCAs with other team members.  They also needed Causelink to work better with standard software tools such as MS Office products.

In light of this feedback, we are pleased to announce the release of Causelink Version 1.1 Beta.  The full list of improvements can be seen in our release notes, but here are a few highlights:

  • Printing – Many people do not have access to a plotter, so they need to print a readable chart across multiple pages.  There are a number of challenges in providing this functionality, such as not cutting off the cause boxes between pages, not print unneeded pages, and providing a way to see the output before you print.  We met all of these challenges and even added a cause box scaling feature as well as a visual indicator to help configure the printed output.  We also made printing to a plotter easier with the custom page size and fit-to-page options.
  • PDF –Many people wanted to save a PDF of the chart and/or the report and share it with team members who do not have Causelink.  We provided this functionality with a number of options: you can create a multi-page PDF that is configured to be printed.  You can also create a one-page PDF that displays the entire chart.  This option allows recipients to easily view the chart without needing to skip from page to page.   You will be able to print 40-, 50- and the occasional 60-cause chart (depending on chart geometry)  on a single page while still being readable (younger eyes help).
  • Copy to clipboard – This feature allows you to copy all, or portions of, the report data to the clipboard in one click.  You can easily paste the output into MS Word or Outlook, and share it with other team members.
  • Home screen – Users wanted an easier way to export RCAs from the home screen.  They also wanted to see more RCAs on the screen at a time.  After hearing this, we completely re-designed the home screen to make better use of space and provided import/export buttons where users can easily find them. 

Our team has tested these new features, and we think we’ve successfully delivered what clients have asked for.  We hope you think so, too, and we look forward to hearing from you.  As always, feel free to send us your feedback.  Your input carries a lot of weight as we plan Version 1.2.

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