One-year Sologic anniversary reflection: On launch of root cause analysis training and software

Brian Hughes, Vice President

What a difference a year makes.

I’m nearing the end of what feels like a non-stop run of teaching. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with clients that make everything from fragrances and flavorings, to finished aluminum products. Autumn of 2012 has been very busy, something for which we are extremely grateful. But I’m also grateful for this rainy Friday afternoon to have some time to reflect on the last year.

Last year at this time, we were putting the polishing touches on Sologic’s root cause analysis training and software, preparing for our upcoming launch. This year, we’re putting the final touches on our first major upgrade to Causelink root cause analysis software – version 2.0, along with our new enterprise application, Causelink Enterprise, with the first client delivery taking place this week. At the same time, we are incorporating ideas and improvements into our training curriculum and manuals – ideas that came from us and from our clients. Our homepage will be getting a refresh as well.

Causelink Version 2.0 represents a ground-up re-write. Knowing that Causelink needed to integrate with the web-based Causelink Enterprise, our internal development team used the opportunity to identify ways to make dramatic improvements to performance. They also enhanced the feature set to include lots of tasty new capabilities, like the ability to select exactly what is viewed/printed on the chart. And Causelink 2.0 has multiple GUI improvements as well.  

But that’s only part of the story.

Causelink Enterprise represents the first incarnation of a dream we’ve shared for years. Causelink Enterprise provides managers with a real-time capability to see exactly where problems are occurring, assign investigators, and track actions. It is also the first comprehensive problem management application to include identification of common causes that often point towards systemic sources of risk. 

The Sologic training line will be incorporating enhancements to the training manuals, designed to accelerate students’ understanding and application of RCA on their day-to-day problems. The enhancements will be implemented before the 2013 training season gets underway.

I’m extremely proud to be part of a global team of people who have accomplished so much in such a short period of time.  A year ago, I wrote about the process of “active reflection,” by which I meant actively altering what we see around us to better fit our evolving vision of how things ought to be.  I am happy to report that this process continues at a furious pace at this very moment.  

Root cause analysis can be so much more than just fulfilling a training obligation to meet some requirement of one designation or another. Impactful events – adverse or positive – offer so much insight into who we are as individuals, as well as into the organizations we represent. Consider for a moment the underutilized capacity that is locked up in these events. How many lessons do we need to learn more than once? How many times do we need to reinvent the same wheel? Wherever you are, imagine you’re at the center of a circle whose radius is one mile. What if you could bring to utility 10% of this underutilized capacity for everyone inside this circle? While this thought fascinates me – what I find gratifying is the fact that Sologic is rapidly developing ways to actually make this happen.

Cheers to all of you! We wish you the very best in 2013!

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