Sologic students build more accurate, thorough charts...faster!

Marcus McCoy, Sologic Instructor-Facilitator

Recently, I had my first opportunity to teach the new Sologic RCA method to a classroom of students.  When the students were working in groups of 6 to build a cause and effect chart based on an accident example, I observed that we accomplished our goal when we developed the Sologic method. 

So, what was our goal? Well, over many years of teaching RCA classes, we observed that students often struggled to understand cause and effect relationships, and to build thorough and accurate cause and effect charts. Specifically, they would miss important causes, include causes that were not important or relevant, and often placed them in the wrong order. This in turn meant they would struggle to truly understand processes and identify effective solutions that would effectively eliminate the problem and prevent recurrence. 

It was really rewarding to see that the way we now teach students successfully helped them overcome these struggles! They dove in with confidence, they were able to use the Sologic process to identify all significant causes, they left out the irrelevant, they organized causes in a logical sequence…and they did it all in much less time than it previously took the average student. 

Another goal of ours was to help students feel more confident as they exit class…to encourage more students to put their RCA training immediately into practice on real-life problems, and to keep those skills fresh by practicing regularly…which makes a tremendous positive impact on their organization. Based on this first experience, I think we’re on the road to accomplishing this goal as well. 

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