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Featured Example - Flint Water Crisis

Flint Water Crisis Example Problem

This compelling report shows the interaction of many different causes, including public policy, negligence, and poor infrastructure, which resulted in a disturbing health concern. See how this situation can be prevented in the future with a wide variety of creative solutions.

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Example Root Cause Analysis Videos

RCA Example - Near Miss

Near Miss, Potential Explosion
PDF  |  Causelink  |  Video

RCA Example - Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Space Telescope
PDF  |  Causelink  |  Video

RCA Example - Dale Earnhardt Crash

Dale Earnhardt NASCAR
PDF  |  Causelink  |  Video


All Root Cause Analysis Examples & Templates

Safety Examples

  PDF icon Flint Water Crisis
  PDF icon Dust Explosion
  PDF icon Near Miss Asphalt Drop
  PDF icon Dale Earnhardt Fatal NASCAR Crash - Watch the video
  PDF icon Near Miss Risk of Explosion - Watch the video

Quality Examples

  PDF icon Hubble Space Telescope - Watch the video
  PDF icon Customer Perception of Quality Problem
  PDF icon Pipeline weld non-conformance 

Reliability Examples

  PDF icon Unplanned downtime, lost profit: Slurry Pump Seal Leakage
  PDF icon Customer Perception of Quality Problem
  PDF icon Manufacturing Non-Conformance

IT Examples

  PDF icon Online Learning Course Completion Status Not Saved
  PDF icon Loss of Productivity - Virus Software
  PDF icon IT - Customer Complaints
  PDF icon Project Management: Delivered Late, Over Budget, Profit Lost
  PDF icon Shipments Missed - Supply Chain Problems

Production Examples

  PDF icon Unplanned Shutdown of Plastics Production Line
  PDF  Line Down - Vacuum Pump Smoking

Environmental Examples

  PDF icon Flint Water Crisis
  PDF icon Multiple Leaks in Newly Installed Pipeline
  PDF icon Unplanned downtime, lost profit: Slurry Pump Seal Leakage 
  PDF icon Mass Fish & Turtle Die-Off in Peconic River

Healthcare Examples

  PDF icon Clinical Healthcare
  PDF icon Healthcare Crisis
  PDF icon Cylinder Pulled Into MRI 

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* These root cause analysis (RCA) templates and examples are based on real situations and some have been altered slightly to protect confidentiality and anonymity.