Root Cause Analysis Software

Whether you're working alone or with a team, Causelink root cause analysis software helps you investigate issues and solve problems.  Review the options below to see which option is best for you, or see our software comparison guide.

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Root Cause Analysis Software - Causelink Enterprise

This browser-based tool allows RCA teams to collaborate on RCAs, track status and action items, and generate reports on common/systemic causes, open actions, corrective actions and other RCA data.

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Causelink Individual Software

Root Cause Analysis Software - Causelink SaaS

With cause and effect charting, incident workflow, action tracking, and report generation, this browser-based tool offers everything you need to conduct a professional investigation and share your findings.

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Causelink Desktop RCA Software

Root Cause Analysis Software - Causelink Desktop

Installed on individual computers, Causelink Desktop software allows users to generate their own RCAs and share results with managers and team members via exported .srca files or PDF reports.

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“It has been one of the easiest, least expensive, and helpful things we’ve ever done”
-- Marleen McCloud, HSE Manager for the Americas, AkzoNobel

"Before Sologic RCA training, I downloaded the trial version of Causelink and was up and designing within minutes. The logic was so easy to follow, it literally took me minutes to figure out. This software is by far the easiest I have used in implementation.  The design was clearly done with the end user in mind.  It is a comfortable, logical layout and the graphics help to paint the picture of what you need to see. Since class, I have used it for RCAs and love it even more!"      
 -- Bryan Morrison, Corporate Safety Manager, VECA Electric & Technologies