Sologic® for Legal

There’s never been a more challenging time for legal professionals to keep their organizations secure, minimize risk, and limit unwanted exposure. Our clients say that in the rush to get the business back on its feet after a significant incident or event, key evidence is often overlooked or improperly documented. Legal departments often wish they could better demonstrate due diligence – or acquire more information to fulfill requests from regulatory bodies.

Sound investigation protocol

We’ve learned from our clients that it’s important to develop sound policies to collect, document and preserve evidence in a way that fulfills the needs of both the investigation and regulatory agencies. Organizations need to maintain confidentiality, while controlling how collected information is managed and disseminated. The legal department should join the RCA investigation as soon as possible to ensure evidence preservation steps align with their responsibility to protect the company. 

The Sologic® solution suite is built on more than 20 years of real-world experience with clients across every industry. Our RCA methodology can be used proactively to help ensure due diligence and organize the facts (causes) and evidence in an impartial manner. The process is effective for answering the forseeability, preventability and control questions used to assess a due diligence defense, while enhancing a company’s due diligence culture. We have extensive experience in training employees to conduct and participate in systematic RCA investigations that deliver effective solutions. 

Proven best practices

Over 99% of students trained by Sologic personnel say they would recommend our classes to a colleague. Our proprietary Sologic Causelink® software is intuitive, user-friendly and provides a visual representation of the cause-and-effect relationships behind every problem. Sologic RCAs are verifiable, auditable and follow an objective thought process. We also offer a flexible mix of training, services and software to support your specific needs. The Sologic method can be a valuable asset for your corporate due diligence efforts, while empowering employees to think causally and work proactively

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