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Causelink® Enterprise root cause analysis software helps teams collaborate to solve problems, find systemic risks, and share lessons learned.  Complete with action tracking, common cause analysis, workflow, team utilization, and other management reports, Causelink is the best way to perform incident investigations and share findings across the organization.  

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Causelink Enterprise connects to a central database hosted in your company’s private network, providing one location to store all information pertaining to each RCA.  It has the capability to integrate with other software solutions, such as action tracking, IT service management, and other third-party Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), along with Active Directory.


  • Keep up to date on RCA status with automated emails
  • Track all action items pertaining to each RCA and run action item reports across the enterprise or for specific groups or users
  • Spot systemic problems through automated ‘common cause’ detection 
  • See all open RCAs in one map, color-coded by severity level
  • Manage users; assign roles and permissions
  • Search RCAs by user, group and location
  • Track solution implementation workflow and effectiveness 
  • Leverage learning across the organization with flexible dashboard reporting
  • Utilize metrics to identify trends, for instance: incidents of a certain type, over a select period of time, by location. Visuals indicate level of risk and high-impact events.
  • Manage custom location and impact profiles 

Dashboard Display

The dashboard will display a summary of information that enables managers to thoroughly understand needs and opportunities, and take action, such as:

  • Open RCAs by group or user 
  • Systemic/Common causes by group 
  • Open action items by user, manager or group
  • Personal open action items
  • Solutions implemented
  • Solutions validated for effectiveness
  • Past due solutions
  • Time to complete RCAs by group or user

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Root Cause Analysis Software Dashboard - CauselinkThe Dashboard displays important data for each user.


Search Root Cause Analysis RecordsSearch RCA provides filters and preferences.
Root Cause Analysis ChartPowerful and easy to use Cause and Effect chart.
Root Cause Analysis ReportIntuitive RCA reporting screens organize your data.