Root Cause Analysis Training

Sologic provides standard and custom root cause analysis training, including instructor-led public and on-site courses.  Sologic also offers interactive computer based and instructor-led online training.

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Root Cause Analysis Software

Causelink Enterprise options include on-premise or SaaS in the cloud.  Causelink can stand alone or integrate with existing systems.  Causelink single user options include individual cloud-based subscription or local install.

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As long as there have been humans on the earth, we have committed errors. Most of the time, these errors don't amount to much. We burn the eggs, forget to move clothes from the washing machine to the dryer, or say something embarrassing. But sometimes our errors result in events that have significant negative impacts.

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RCA Blog


In the spring of 2018 Sologic started a pilot program called Causelink for EDU. The new program provided universities with free access to Causelink RCA software and eRCA Fundamentals online learning.  The goals for the program are to expose students to software that they'll use after graduation, provide instructors with instructional oversight, and receive feedback on Causelink software usability.

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Examples and Templates

Learn how Sologic root cause analysis helps teams collaborate to solve problems of all types. Browse our extensive library of root cause analysis examples and templates.  Download in PDF or view the examples using Causelink Enterprise software.

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Every business sector faces unique challenges, pressures, and responsibilities.  Structured problem-solving is a core competency regardless of where the problem originates.  Find out how it applies to your sector.

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Sologic webinars are a great resource for problem solving professionals to improve their RCA skills, enhance their RCA program or learn about current RCA developments and technology.

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