Which Boss Are You? Premier League or NFL?

October 01, 2018

Back in 2013/14 the English Premier League reached an all-time low. Incredibly, the average managerial tenure at a club sunk to just 1.84 seasons per active manager.  And if you had removed Arsene Wenger’s 18 seasons at Arsenal that figure would have plummeted to just 1.05 seasons per head.  Just try to imagine any other multi-billion industry where the COO’s of the 20 leading firms had an average of just 1 year in charge.

Cars stacked up in a wreck

Causal Patterns and Five Examples

August 21, 2018

Those of us that do root cause analysis for a living also identify patterns that make our jobs easier, albeit with marginally less screaming and crying.  Although we teach cause and effect analysis as being a process of deconstructing effects into their individual causes, that’s not always how we do it professionally.  We often find that we’ve been down a certain path before.  

Solutions text as puzzle pieces

Solutions Are Terrible Things to Waste

March 28, 2018

It’s a common scenario – something serious happens, triggering a root cause analysis.  The team finds an hour or two to complete the RCA.  The meeting concludes with the RCA 80% finished, including a nice list of solutions. Then...

Causelink RCA dashboard on screen

RCA Program Dashboard

February 27, 2018

Like any other process, your root cause analysis (RCA) program requires periodic reporting to help you stay on track.  Developing an RCA Program Dashboard can help.

Fast moving train

RCA – Past, Present, and Future (a three-part series) Part 3

January 18, 2018

In parts 1 and 2 of this 3-part installment, I discussed the history of RCA up to the current state.  I broke up this history into different eras; the beginning of modern structured problem solving, the “Guru Era” whereby early adopters improved upon existing tools, and the introduction of RCA-specific software.  So what's next?

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I'm in love with 4.0

September 18, 2017

I’m sure you've experienced the strong sense of euphoria often felt after starting a new relationship.  You can’t stop thinking about this new person and they help fill your world with a kaleidoscope of sounds and colors.  You can’t imagine yourself being happy with anyone else.  Well, I’m feeling that way about Causelink Enterprise Version 4.0!  Here’s why...