Interactive online training is a great way to learn! eRCA: Fundamentals provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the 5-steps of the Sologic RCA process in an engaging and interactive environment. With an approximate 2-hour total run time, the course can be completed over multiple sessions at a pace that fits your schedule. At the conclusion of the course is a final exam to validate comprehension. Passing scores enable the learner to print a course completion certificate with CEU’s. eRCA coupled with Causelink, delivers a ‘just in time’ solution for individuals to apply RCA and deploy solutions that prevent recurrence delivered within a professional report.

We recommend using a modern, up-to-date browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari.  Internet Explorer should not be used.

Bundle Discount!
eRCA: Fundamentals can be purchased on its own for $245.  Or, if you bundle it with our online video series and an annual Causelink Individual license, we will discount the video series by $25.

Watch the Overview Video

Estimated duration = 2 hours. Price breaks are available for every 100 students.

@ $245.00/license/year $0.00
@ $199.00/license/year $0.00
@ $25.00/license/year $0.00
Total: $0.00

RCA Video Tutorial Series

Many of our products start out as suggestions from our clients.  One global client recently asked if we could record videos of select content so their students around the world could access instructor tutorials at their convenience.  This twelve-video series is the result of that suggestion.

The series can be viewed from end-to-end for a complete review of the Sologic process.  Or they can be viewed individually if the viewer would rather focus on a particular topic.  

Bundle Discount!
The video series can be purchased on its own for $50.  Or, if you bundle it with our online training product eRCA: Fundamentals and an annual Causelink Individual license, we will discount eRCA: Fundamentals by $25.

Watch the Overview Video

Estimated series duration = 1.5 hours. Price breaks are available at 11 and 101 students. 

@ $50.00/license/year $0.00
@ $199.00/license/year $0.00
@ $220.00/license/year $0.00
Total: $0.00

System Requirements

High-speed Internet access
Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac OSX
Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari
Internet Explorer should not be used
CPU 800 MHz or higher
Memory 256MB
Sound Card and Speakers or Headphones

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