Solve Complex Problems – Whatever they are. Wherever you are.

Causelink’s powerful Root Cause Analysis software transforms the way you understand problems, produce solutions and share lessons learned.  With Causelink, investigations are faster, more accurate and more effective.

Delivering significant improvements in quality, reliability and safety. Trusted by many of the world’s largest organisations, Causelink is the intelligent way to solve problems.


Root Cause Analysis Training

Virtual, Classroom, Onsite. Trusted by leading organisations throughout the world, the Sologic method is logical, scalable and fast to deploy. Sologic Root Cause Analysis transforms the way great organisations solve problems, reduce risk and improve performance.

Root Cause Analysis Training

Root Cause Analysis Software

Causelink enables teams to collaborate remotely, rapidly and effectively.  With Causelink, problem solvers maximise their understanding of incidents, events and challenges, generating effective solutions and sharing lessons-learned with ease.

RCA Software

Free e-Book - Better Than Yesterday

The 10 essential ways great organisations solve their most complex problems

Organisations are confronted by unique problems every single day. Great Organisations share methods, skills and behaviours that help them solve even the most complex of these challenges. This eBook provides 10 essential insights into how leading organisations tackle operating, management and strategic problems using a structured, transferable and effective Root Cause Analysis process.

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Much has been written about the importance of learning to fail, and fail well.  So much so that in recent years it’s become the mantra of almost each and every tech start-up around the world. But beyond the rallying cries, motivational slogans and glib sound-bites what does this really mean?

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Examples and Templates

Learn how Sologic root cause analysis helps teams collaborate to solve problems of all types. Browse our extensive library of root cause analysis examples and templates.  Download in PDF or view the examples using Causelink Enterprise software.

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Every business sector faces unique challenges, pressures, and responsibilities.  Structured problem-solving is a core competency regardless of where the problem originates.  Find out how it applies to your sector.

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Sologic webinars are a great resource for problem solving professionals to improve their RCA skills, enhance their RCA program or learn about current RCA developments and technology.

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