Powerful root cause analysis tools

Cause & Effect Logic Diagrams
Quickly analyze the event using 5Whys+. Chart the causes of detailed events with cause & effect logic diagrams. Document evidence, assign actions and identify solutions for any event.

Ishikawa/Fishbone Diagrams
Brainstorm and organize potential causes with Ishikawa/Fishbone diagrams.  Customize categories and drag/drop to organize.  Confirm/disprove potential causes.

Incident Timelines
Build dynamic, impactful and evidence-based timelines for any problem, any challenge or any project. Export your Timeline into a Cause and Effect chart to start your analysis.

Team of people using Causelink RCA software


Cloud-based or On-Premise, Causelink Enterprise is the world's leading RCA software. Supporting productivity, collaboration and culture, Causelink Enterprise helps solve the toughest problems and gives leaders the power to continuously improve their organization.

Cause and effect chart on laptop


Cloud-based Causelink Team helps you analyze the root causes of problems, identify effective solutions and share high-quality RCA reports with your teammates.

Person using software


Cloud-based and mobile-friendly, Causelink Individual is a state-of-the-art RCA investigation tool. Causelink Individual offers the advanced charting performance, intuitive interface, and sharp report output of Causelink Enterprise to the single user.

Causelink Software

Succeeding in a world of increasing complexity requires a powerful, scalable problem-solving capability.  Causelink was developed to specifically fill this need.  Causelink brings your investigation data together in one place, making it accessible and visible.  And it helps teams investigate problems in a simple, logical, and evidence-based manner.  

Featuring the "5Whys+" template, Ishikawa/Fishbone diagrams, and Cause & Effect logic diagrams to make investigations easy and intuitive.

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Sologic is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified provider whose Information Security Management System (ISMS) has received third-party accreditation from the International Standards Organization. 
"The software was clearly designed with the end user in mind.  It is a comfortable, logical layout and the graphics help to paint the picture of what you need to see. Since class, I have used it for RCAs and love it even more!"


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