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Midland, MI, USA--- Sologic® has released Version 3.4 of their browser-based root cause analysis (RCA) software, Causelink Enterprise.  This update includes features and improvements that have been requested by customers from different industries and disciplines.

One of the significant additions involves permissions.  There are now several ways to control how users access records in the system. Permissions are flexible to support customer needs for visibility and security across the organization.

The dashboard and record overview page were also improved in this release.  The Dashboard now includes content from all reports available in the system.  The Overview page includes a summary of your record.  Both pages provide the ability to choose the content you would like to see and define where it is displayed on screen.

Collaboration tools have been added for teams working in different locations.  Now if one person is editing a record, when another opens it they automatically see changes as they are made without having to refresh the screen.

Reports and data visualization were significantly improved.  Three new reports were added; Workflow Status, Return on Investment, and RCAs by Facilitator.  All reports now provide charts and graphs that help you more easily understand the information you're looking at.

There were also many smaller improvements, including the ability to copy records, export data from specific pages, and updates to the cause and effect chart.

About Sologic
Sologic, LLC provides root cause analysis (RCA) training, software and incident investigations to help organizations solve complex problems. With offices on five continents staffed with experienced trainers and investigators, our RCA solutions are built on over 20 years of field experience with clients worldwide – particularly to disciplines such as quality, safety, IT, reliability and maintenance, environmental, operations and logistics.   

For more information, visit www.sologic.com, or call 989-835-3402.