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Midland, MI, USA--- Sologic® has released Version 4.0 of their browser-based root cause analysis software, Causelink Enterprise.  New features make presentation of results more effective through an interactive Timeline, streamlined menus and simplified charting.  

The new Timeline module delivers a simplified way to visually communicate key milestones to management, customers and stakeholders.  Photos and documents attached to events on the timeline improve clarity and understanding.  The Timeline can be synchronized with the cause and effect chart where greater detail of the event is graphically represented.  Usability has been simplified through new icon-based menus and by incorporating improvements obtained from end-user testing.

Causelink Enterprise can be installed within a customer network (On-Premise) or hosted as Software as a Service (SaaS).  A separate product, Causelink Individual, will be updated with these new features in October 2017.   Both platforms enable users to conduct root cause analyses on mobile phones and/or tablets.