COVID-19 UPDATE (2-February-2021)

The safety of our clients, employees, contractors, and the general public is our primary concern.  Many of our clients are considered "essential."  Therefore, we remain committed to providing prompt service and support throughout the COVID-19 crisis. 

Sologic’s main office in Midland, MI is currently open at a limited capacity.  On site training will be available starting in August 2020 and will follow social distancing and COVID-19 safety precautions.  As the risk of COVID-19 is higher in some areas, we will consider the risk level in each location prior to committing to an on site engagement.  Please read our complete SOP for onsite training engagements here: Sologic COVID19 Policy for Training and Travel

Comments, questions, or concerns?  Please call +1-989-835-3402 or email to speak with us directly.


Upcoming Events

HPRCT 2021 (Human Performance, Root Cause, and Trending)
September 23, 2021
Sologic SVP Brian Hughes will be presenting
Title:  Transformative High Performance:  A Traveler's Tale

Safety 2021 - American Society for Safety Professionals Annual Conference
September 13-15, 2021

Austin Convention Center | Austin, TX
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Sologic now offers online, interactive courses that teach you how to solve problems with Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Available as public courses and as private courses for corporate customers, students learn to apply the Sologic RCA method to real-world exercises, leaving them well-prepared to investigate incidents and solve problems.

The course covers effective problem analysis including the problem statement, cause & effect charting, solution generation, facilitating RCA teams, and reporting. The concepts are reinforced with many “hands-on” exercises that sharpen the student’s skills. Through role playing exercises, students also learn to manage diverse groups, maximizing their RCA facilitation efforts.  

Combining eRCA Fundamentals (online learning course) with instructor-led, online collaboration sessions, this course also includes a 140-page training manual, learning aids, and a Causelink RCA software license. Causelink organizes your RCA data, reinforces the steps of an RCA, and makes it easy to follow the process. Students use Causelink to complete their course exercises so that they hit the ground running after class.

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