Whatever the sector, we all operate in a complex and uncertain environment.  Increased scrutiny and integration together with greater intervention from clients, media and regulators encourages us all to seek out ever more effective methods to solve problems. ‚ÄčNo method is more effective at addressing the causes of problems than Sologic.   Sologic RCA brings together causes from diverse sources and links them via logical relationships. It removes sensitivities, focuses thinking, and facilitates review.  Effective solutions become clear and opportunities for company-wide learning and memory are maximized.


By using Sologic Root Cause Analysis methods in your organization you are introducing an evidence-based method that will transform your approach to solving complex problems and making decisions.  Sologic RCA is a powerful, scalable, shareable methodology that migrates across disciplines allowing problems to be addressed quickly and effectively by teams of diverse expterise.

Managers transform their ability to set, refine, track and measure complex investigation projects, KPIs and strategic targets. Teams boost productivity and reduce risk by revealing systemic weaknesses and ingrained information pinch-points.  Organizations methodically and effectively drive their focus from corrective to preventive actions.


According to the World Economic Forum, complex problem-solving is one of the most important, and most absent skill in the modern workplace (WEF Future of Jobs, 2016).  Now imagine an organization in which each and every employee has an unshakable problem-solving mindset.  Where all teams are equipped with a shared methodology that clearly identifies problems and delivers effective, integrated solutions.

Sologic RCA empowers and engages the workforce though structured methods and a reduction in blame culture.  By encouraging evidence-based thinking, Sologic RCA removes reliance on outdated solutions and learned behaviou rs leading to a company-wide culture of success.  Supported by advanced courses, skills development programmes  and Causelink software, Sologic transforms your business.

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